Beauty and function unite in the ancient practice of basket weaving. Using local materials of cedar, pine needle, and willow, three artists present their own distinctive and one-of-a-kind works.

The 3 Basketeers

Jessica Silvey

Cedar Baskets and Salish Wool Weaving

Growing up with her paternal Grandmother Jessica spent many hours in the forest, it is still her favourite place to be, surrounded by cedar tree’s and silence. Her love of Coast Salish Basketry comes from the cedar root baskets in her Grandmother’s home, baskets of various shapes, sizes and patina’s that were woven by her Aunt’s and Grandmother’s. The memory of those baskets still speaks to Jessica in a silent language that only Weaver’s understand. Jessica has learned traditional techniques from research as well as trial and error. She harvests and prepares her own materials as well as traditional plants for dyes and medicines.

Dawn Myers

Willow Baskets

When, out of curiosity, I attended my first basket weaving class I knew instantly I had found my medium. Weaving brings together so much that I love: a well-plotted technique yet with wide opportunity for artistic freedom, a challenging task and yet at once a carefree experience, a totally natural product fashioned without need of machinery or expensive tools. As I weave, the hours pass unnoticed, I am following my passion.

Kim Hadley

Pine Needle Vessels and Baskets

As a pine needle basket maker, I’ve developed the process over the years by adding in a variety of other plant/animal/organic and inorganic materials. What I love about making the baskets is that flow, of finding something interesting on the beach or in the forest and creating a basket that includes it. I love working with organic materials that would otherwise just rot down into the earth.

Where to find us

We will be showing our work during Art Crawl

We will be exhibiting at Brookbank Farm, 679 Henry Road, for the 10th Anniversary of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
October 18 – 20, 2019
10:00am to 5:00pm

Questions? Contact us via email

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